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Jazz Plaza 2019: Stich Wynston y The Shuffle Demons

Por: Stich Wynston
Fecha: 2019.01.06

Otra respuesta recibida en diciembre pasado a mi acercamiento a artistas anunciados al Jazz Plaza 2019:

Dear Jose,

Thank you very much for your email.

This will be the fourth time in the past 27 years that my band The Shuffle Demons will be appearing at the Festival Jazz Plaza.  Our first appearance at the festival was back in February 1992.  From the moment that we arrived we had an instant love affair with the festival, with the country, with the Cuban people, and with the wonderfully rich Cuban culture!

Ever since that first appearance back in 1992 it has been my goal to visit Cuba with my band The Shuffle Demons as often as possible.  We also appeared at the festival in December 2015, January 2018, and now again this coming January 2019.  In addition to the aforementioned appearances with The Shuffle Demons, I also appeared at the Festival Jazz Plaza in December 2005 with another project of mine called Stich Wynston`s Tightrope.  This was a quartet which included myself, fellow Toronto based musicians Brownman Ali on trumpet and his brother Marcus Ali on saxophone, and legendary Cuban bass player Chispa.

The Shuffle Demons lineup for our upcoming appearance at Festival Jazz Plaza will be:

Richard Underhill - alto saxophone, vocals
Matt Lagan - tenor saxophone, vocals
Kyle Tarder-Stoll - tenor saxophone, vocals
George Koller - bass, vocals
Stich Wynston - drums, vocals

We will be performing repertoire from our most recent CD `Clusterfunk` as well as some of our classic Shuffle Demons hit songs from the past including `Spadina Bus` and `Cheese on Bread`.

We are also very excited about the fact that as well as performing in Havana at the start of the festival, we will also be going to Santiago de Cuba for last five days of the festival to perform concerts there by ourselves as well as doing a musical collaboration concert with an Afro-Cuban Rhumba group.

Also, after the festival is finished we will be staying in Cuba the following week to perform more concerts as well as doing a collaboration with legendary Afro-Cuban Rhumba group Los Munequitos de Matanzas.  We are very honoured to collaborate with this iconic Rhumba group and feel that it is very important to foster cross-cultural collaborations between Canada and Cuba.


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